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36/52 – Back to my space

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my blog…

It’s been quite slow here. Work, travel and fitness training have taken up most of my time. But then one can never be away from one’s passion for too long isn’t it 🙂

Since it’s been sometime I stepped into my craft room, this was a good opportunity to re-organize my den. While I did most of the organizing last week, this week was dedicated to cleaning up my work station. Started of scrubbing the overtly stained table :p

I have always had some paint tins, cast away wooden drawers/shelves on my craft table to keep stuff. Giving them a make-over was always on cards, but hadn’t gotten to it till now. Today was their lucky day 🙂

I was too eager to get started and missed to take the before pictures 😦

Here are the make over pics

An Asian paint 200ml paint tin, spray painted and stamped

Another 100ml paint tin, spray painted and decoupaged

A 1 liter plastic paint tin, spray painted, decoupaged and stamped

A corner shelf that no longer served it’s purpose, now gets a new look with spray paints and stamping.

And the now the main attraction – A larger discarded drawer.

This drawer is my favorite of the lot, I have tried to incorporate various details into this to suit my mood at different times.

The entire drawer has a distressed look with stamping all over

Some stenciling on the sides

And an inspiring quote for when I get those crafters block

And this is how the final set-up of the table is. Now who wouldn’t find inspiration here!


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