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33/52 – A wish of the globetrotter

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my blog…

Today’s post is a picture heavy post, so sit back with a cuppa and enjoy 🙂

Here’s a step-by-step photo tutorial of an art journal page.

Materials used:

  • Distress Inks
  • Archival Inks
  • Gelatos
  • Neon Acrylic color
  • Decoupage tissues papers


STEP 1: Apply a base coat of Gesso on the art journal page and blend various shades of distress ink. I have used 7 different shades to get this background.

I applied a rather thin coat of Gesso, which is why you will notice an uneven texture in the background once the page was inked.


STEP 2: Using a handmade stencil in diamond shape, I spritzed plain water over the inked background and lightly dabbed tissue to remove the excess water , since distress inks are water reactive, the water lifted some of the ink in the blank areas of the stencil resulting in this lovely look.


STEP 3: Next, I fuzzy cut the decoupage tissue papers and stuck them on the page

upload_-1(8) - Copy.jpgupload_-1(9) - Copy - Copy.jpg

STEP 4: Once the tissues had dried, I applied gelatos along the edges to blend the tissues into the background. I’ve used the Macaroon set hers – love how it blended so well!


STEP 5: For the page border I used Neon Pink acrylic color and some dotted line with white gel pen


STEP 6: Added some paper stubs cut out from pattern papers


STEP 7: And finally added a hand written quote to complete the page


Indeed, I have a lot to cover on my list :p

Thank you for stopping by, do share your feedback would love to hear from you.





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