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29/52 -My experiments with bottles…

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my blog!!!

So, for the recent CSR event at work I had taken upon making decorative bottles as one of the items for the sale. With many many glass bottles at my disposal, here was my chance to experiment and that I did! I used decoupage a lot on these bottles…..decoupage is not my forte but it is growing on me…

Take a look at some of the outcomes

1. This one is my favorite – Paris themed decoupaged bottle, textured with tissue papers.





2. Twine wrapped and decoupaged bottle.


3. Decoupaged florals



4. Textured bottle with M-seal art


5 & 6 – Another set of favorites. The black one is chalk painted with burlap flowers and the blue one is tissue textured with embellishments.

What a lovely experience it has been experimenting on these and I am so glad that all have found beautiful homes to enhance the decor. Will certainly be experimenting more on glass bottles, it is such an enchanting canvas for a crafter!

That’s it for today





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