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27/52 -An experience to cherish

Hello Everyone..Welcome to my blog!

I am back to blogging after a 2 month hiatus 🙂 We all have those moments of absence don’t we? After my halfway mark things just slowed down for me on the craft front…just slowed down not stopped…ha ha.

Well, today I am back starting the second leg of my journey on #52craftyprojects. Today’s post is not about a particular project but about an experience all together. This was an event put together by the company I work for (yes, I do have a day job!). As part of our CSR we have partnered with an NGO named Vibha and through them the company supports a few schools in the Doddaballapur taluk. This event ‘Art for Heart’ was conceptualized by the CSR committee where-in employees would spend a day at few of these schools and engage the kids in art activities. The art created by the kids would then be part of a fund-raising sale held on a Carnival day at office.

I was approached by the committee lead to create a campaign logo for the event, and given my passion about the topic, I decided to volunteer and get more involved – and I am glad I did!

We were about 80 volunteers who went to 2 separate schools in the area and engaged 500 odd kids – some created beautiful paintings, some painted vibrant diyas, some made gorgeous looking crafts. It was lovely to see the young enthusiastic minds at their creative best..

Here are some pictures of the demo pieces I made for the event to teach the kids.

Doodled logo for the event

Art For Heart. PNG.png

Welcome planks demo projects


Displaying Fotor_147479684946274.jpg

Glass painted sun catchers (drilling of holes is pending)

Displaying Fotor_147548027989961.jpg

Decorated bottles


Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decor.jpg

Clay Magnets


And then here are the pics from the event….

All in all it was a day well spent!

That’s it for today, will be back again next week with more interesting projects 🙂

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