26/52 – The halfway mark!!!

Hello Everyone…Welcome to my blog 🙂

This is a landmark week, it’s the halfway mark of my #52craftyprojects!!! It has been a lovely journey so far. I have learnt many new techniques, worked outside my comfort zone, met a few interesting people and have had amazing conversations on art. Well, it’s not over yet, I still have the other half to walk 🙂

Today’s post is not about a particular project, but it is about the new form of art I came across recently – Suminagashi.

Suminagshi (or floating ink) is an ancient Japanese art of marbling plain paper with water and ink. A special ink called sumi-e inks were used originally. The process involved dropping the inks carefully to float on a still water surface and then blow the inks across to form delicate swirls, after which the ink is picked up by laying a sheet of paper atop the ink covered water. The practice of Suminagashi remains much the same today, although now artists also use acrylic paints that flow and spread over a liquid water surface.

Recently a good friend of mine got me these Suminagashi ink kit. The kit comes with 6 colors, but one can make several color combinations with these 6 colors and come up with lovely and unique patterns everytime.


The effect of marbling varies with kind of paper used to lift the inks. The more porous it is, better the impression. I have experimented with various types including canvas and here are the results.

Working on these prints was amazing fun. Each pattern is so unique and unpredictable.  These prints can be used for mixed media backgrounds, cards, paper flowers as pattern paper and for many more things.

Here are a few things I made  from them…

  1. A doodled frame


2. A birthday card


3. Paper flowers


4. A 2 sided Bookmark

The possibilities are just endless!!! I am going to be doing many more of these 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!




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