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21/52 – Monday Motivation

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my blog…

After my recipe to creativity the other day, I decided to seize the day today….well, almost and you will know why when you see the image 🙂

I found a very thin piece of weathered wood from my attic, it was very brittle and was of no use…but not to me 🙂 as a crafter, these are to be treasured…lol.

I stuck a thick piece of packaging material at the back to give it strength. Gave a thick coat of gesso and painted it with chalkboard paint, my fav!.Once dried, I drew the outline of my design and quote with a white gel pen and filled it with white acrylic paint.

And you will notice that here is where I goofed up….I quiet didn’t ‘sieze’ it :-). Well, my first thought was to do over. But then I decided not to, art does not have to be perfect right, besides this now has a story to it and a constant reminder to me that true perfection lies within the imperfection…or something like that!


BTW, most folks who saw this could not figure out the mistake until pointed out….so its not that bad after all :-).

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great week ahead!





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