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18/52 – Fresh brewed Creativity

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my blog.

With the Rain Gods showering their blessings, Bengaluru is back to it’s glory. The pleasant weather calls for some hot cuppa and that is what I brewed this week in my journal 🙂

I decided to brew some creativity in my cup…

IMG_7546.JPGI prepped my layout with gesso and gave a coat of chalkboard paint on top, I kept the borders very rugged intentionally….Loved how it turned out.

Mixed up my ingredients…

  • One part Curiosity
  • 2 parts Imagination
  • A dash of Mistakes
  • A good shake of Dedication
  • And a generous helping of Passion & Fun

now isn’t that a perfect recipe 🙂IMG_7545.JPGAn apt quote from the Great EinsteinIMG_7547.JPG

And here’s my final layoutIMG_7543.JPG

Thanks for stopping by…





3 thoughts on “18/52 – Fresh brewed Creativity

  1. Lovely! I think this is such a cool idea and I really like the “recipe” 🙂 Good to see that you added a dash of mistake to the mixture – we all do them and we can all learn from them.


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