16/52 – Some jute, some paint and some wine

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A colleague and a good friend of mine is decorating her new home and asked me to make something from the plain old wine bottles. She was specific that she wanted something that’s simple and neutral to go with her interiors.

After discussing many options we decided on jute on black theme. For the black, I decided to use chalkboard paint. I love the effect of chalkboard paint, it gives great coverage and texture.WhatsApp-Image-20160510.jpg


Gave a good 2 coats to all 3 bottles. For the focal piece, I rolled up some tea stained jute twine half way through and to the neck of the bottle. Embellished it with some hand made just & lace flower, chipboard flourish and pearls.




Kept the remaining 2 pieces very simple with just the paint and a little bit of jute on the neck of the bottles.

The set of 3 now adorns her beautiful home.

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2 thoughts on “16/52 – Some jute, some paint and some wine

    1. chalkboard paint is same as blackboard paint. you will find it in any hardware store. There is also chalk paint, which is different, this is available with some craft retailers in India, but a bit pricey


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