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Week 12/52 – Let’s find places to write about

Hello everyone…

Welcome to my blog. It’s a beautiful day to keep crafting 🙂

It has been  exciting few weeks for my crafty fingers :). Mom had planned her visit to the Sister dear and that meant I got to make many pretty things for them…hurray!

The travel bug has bitten our family quite hard and we love to wander off. The younger generation shares this interest and my almost 10 year old niece is a history buff too. So, I decided to make her a Travel diary.

This journal is a complete DIY and it was so much fun working on it, so much so that I will soon be making one for myself!

I have used an old spiral notebook from my stash. I loved this notebook in particular since it had super strong covers which made a perfect canvas to work on! (apologies for the sloppy images here)







My plan here was to do just the covers for the diary. The inside I have kept it simple for the little girl to use.

To make the cover I decided to do my own pattern paper.

Sprayed some acrylic paints on drawing paper and the stamped Itsy Bitsy’s vintage map stamp randomly all over. For the front cover I left the middle part blank to stamp travel themed images.

Front cover


Back cover


Glued the created pattern paper to the cover and fixed it back to the spiral book. Embellished it with some lace & ticket stubs and the journal is ready to be filled with memories.



To go with the travel, I also made a luggage tag with the initials of my niece. This is up-cycled from the price tag of Louis Philippe apparels (they are very sturdy!)



This now gets packed for the little girl. I hope she enjoys jotting down her travel memories.

Thanks for stopping by

Happy crafting!




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