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Week 8/52 – Welcome

Hello everyone…

Welcome to my blog. It’s a beautiful day to keep crafting 🙂

Been very busy at work this week! but that did not deter me from getting my hands dirty (quite literally!)

I have always been fascinated by clay murals, I love the handiwork and the textures that one can play with. And this week, I chose to work on one.

While traditionally clay murals are done with clay (of course!) and MDFs, I went a little unconventional and used Plaster of Paris (POP) and chipboard.

For the background, I mixed a tiny bit of white cement to quicken the drying time and gave textures using found tools like comb and tissue papers 🙂

Coated the whole thing with black paint and the then gave highlights with copper and gold.

The base for Ganesha is my favored old coaster that I have used here and here 🙂

Leaf and flower have been molded by hand with the same POP mixture, while the Ganesha is made of metal, found from my stash.

And there’s my mural welcoming you to my adobe.


Thank you for stopping by.




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