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Chalk Paint Dinner Place Cards

Hello All,

Welcome to my blog. It is a beautiful day to keep crafting 🙂

It’s that time of the year when my creative juices flow at its peak :). Sister dear is visiting, so lot of excuses to make pretty things!!

I wanted to make her something unique and something she can put to good use. So, came up with the idea of doing Dinner Place Cards using my favorite Chalkboard paint.

Ever since the chalkboard paint made its way into the crafty world, I’ve been a big fan of it. The paint is so versatile and can transform almost anything instantly. No sweat, No Mess!.

The regular black Chalkboard paint is easily available in any hardware store, ask for a blackboard paint or chalkboard paint (NOT chalk paint, and yes there is a difference!).

The base of the place holder is made from a 1mm chipboard sheet. I coated the sheet with a thin layer of homemade gesso.

Once the gesso dried, I added 2 coats of Chalkboard paint and sanded the board lightly. This is when I got impatient and tested my board and that is why you see some scribbling here :). But you can always wipe it off – that’s the beauty of chalkboard paint!

Since I was going for a formal set-up for the place cards, I wanted a cleaner look and added 2 more coats of the paint. After which, I cut them up to my desired shape & size. Kept it as a plain rectangle, just for the ease of cutting.

Now the fun part of decking up the place cards. I painted borders with white acrylic paint.

Then I patiently glued some baker’s twine. Added tiny embellishments, which I cut from a lovely Kitchen themed pattern paper coated with Ranger’s Clear Accent to give it dimension.
And voila pretty little place cards to adorn your party are ready!!.

Thank you for stopping by. Bon Appetit!




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